couverturelivre“Your life is a multifaceted diamond” by Sister Pierre Anne Mandato

Head of the Canadian Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of Saint Mary and Executive Director of the Marie-Clarac Hospital, Sister Pierre Anne Mandato delivers a passionate and personal literary work that carries a universal message constructed as a celebration of life.

Translated into four languages, “Your life is a diamond with many facets” is a collection of thoughts imbued with a truth that affects us all, whatever our views on religion, whatever our origins.

Dealing simultaneously with joy, peace, and friendship or with death and silence, Sister Pierre Anne has rightly presented positive thinking and self-acceptance as tools to build our happiness and that of the people around us.

“But what is happiness if not ‘feeling good about yourself?’ Happiness means accepting the happy or unhappy events that take place in your life.” Excerpt from Chapter “Happiness”.

Ultimately, through this book, Sister Pierre Anne offers timeless and universal solutions that adapt perfectly to the frantic rhythms of our contemporary lives.

“ We all have ups and downs as we live and this is quite normal. Yet the smile is something precious, it’s a personal message that expresses more than words can, so it is important to grasp it.” Extract from the chapter “The Smile”

It is important to note that all proceeds collected from the sale of this book will be used to finance care in the Oasis of Peace palliative care unit of the Marie-Clarac Hospital. You can order the book online or by contacting the Hospital Foundation; cost $ 20.


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