More than $ 147,000 for Marie-Clarac Hospital patients

300 people, including many businessmen and women, attended on April 8 to support the cause of the Marie-Clarac Hospital Foundation. Under the honorary presidency of Ms. Danièle Henkel, writer, businesswoman, speaker and Canadian Champion at the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi), the event raised more than $ 147,000.
Ms. Danièle Henkel accepted the honorary presidency of this event after being touched by the serenity present in the palliative care unit of the Marie-Clarac Hospital that she visited.
Marie-Clarac Hospital’s Executive Director, Sister Martine Côté, who herself was the victim of an accident that temporarily deprived her of her autonomy, reminded how important personal autonomy is and the importance of rehabilitation care offered at Marie-Clarac for those in need.
The funds raised during the benefit cocktail will contribute to the well-being of the users of the hospital, including the purchase of equipment to continue to improve the quality of care offered.
Photo above: Members of the board of directors of the Marie-Clarac Hospital Foundation. First row, from left to right: Gabriel Groulx, secretary-treasurer; Ivano Scattolin, Vice President; Francyne Noël Trudeau, President; Danièle Henkel, Honorary President of the evening; Sister Martine Côté, Administrator; Sister Pierre Anne Mandato, Administrator; Raymond Paquin, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, and Marie-Josée Chouinard, Executive Director of the Foundation. 2nd row, from left to right, the directors: Natalie Martin, Jacynthe Sicotte, Michelina Lavaratore, Sister Claire Croteau, Michael Fratianni, Jacques Poirier, Adrianna Alfano, Vincent Giangaspero and Claudie Bouchard.

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