2015 Campaign

Today the Marie-Clarac Hospital Foundation continues to financially support the hospital, helping it meet its needs. .Therefore, in addition to collecting donations to sustain the exceptional quality of care in rehabilitation and palliative care, we offer donors the possibility of directing their donations towards specific needs of the hospital.

Here are some examples:


Massage Therapy – $ 20 000 per year (objective attained for 2015)

Financing a massage therapist, available 2 half days per week to ensure the well being of patients in palliative care.


Radio & Digital Tablets – $ 6 000

This initiative will allow the purchase of radios for each room so patients can listen to their favourite stations. In addition, this fund will allow us to purchase 5 digital tablets that can be loaned to patients when they wish to go on the Internet, write emails, video chat with relatives, and see movies.


Sleep Chairs for the Family – $ 5000

This initiative allows us to refurbish old sleep chairs or purchase new ones to be placed in rooms of palliative care patients. These chairs are very special because they are easy to use, hospital-friendly and they allow family members overnight stays with their loved one.


Beds & armchairs on the 1st floor – $ 10 000 per year

This initiative will allow the rehabilitative department located on the first floor of our hospital to purchase new patient beds and new armchairs. It will also allow for the purchase of new hospital furniture, making the environment more comfortable for our patients.